Norman Barlow
Discovering Your Purpose Seminar
Norm's Book

"How to Really Change Your Life" is a "step-by-step system", says Barlow. "Readers are given a clear blueprint on how to discover and achieve their purpose in life." 

Norman Barlow, Ph.D., has spent thousands of clinical hours working as a psychotherapist and coach helping people from various backgrounds discover their personal strengths, their purpose in life, and how to follow the system outlined in his book to achieve their goals.

You Will Discover 

How to gain insights into your unique purpose and mission in life

* Turn frustration, disappointment and pain into wake up calls to change yourself and your life

* Overcome procrastination and apathy by using the S.E.E. technique to continually draw yourself toward the achievement of your goals

* Discover the 9 keys steps to creating a personal plan of action turning your dream into a reality

* Turn adversity into an opportunity by asking yourself 5 self discovery questions

* Identify internal motivators that will keep you committed to the achievement of your goals

* Overcome negative self -talk and self sabotage

* Identify and manage energy stealers, emotional vampires /negative people

* Go from feeling sad, hopeless, frustrated and worthless to feeling awakened, alive and on purpose




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